I've had the pleasure of challenging myself to create in mediums I've yet to explore this semester, including digital illustration, stop motion animation, and audio. My work tends to be optimistic and playful. I'm inspired by bright colors, fun shapes and telling  a story in my art with an emphasis on composition and a cohesive aesthetic. When approaching a new concept I try to visualize a unique take on the topic. As I've grown older I've noticed that people take themselves to seriously, my art is meant to be lighthearted and create a sense of whimsy that I believe my creativity stems from. My intent as an artist is to make people smile, perhaps unlock a childhood memory, and bring some positivity and color to this world. 

Hello! I'm Khayla Shipman, an aspiring creative and student studying Mass Communications and Media Studies at Arizona State Univeristy. I'm was born and spent my childhood in the rainy but quaint city of Lake Stevens, WA amongst the evergreen trees. I'm currently a full time student, and have a passion for all things creative. Just a few of my favorite things to do include photography, calligraphy, graphic design, dance, and baking. 

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