How to Make Your Dreams a Reality With this DIY Vision Board

By Khayla Shipman

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Time to take the first step to make those big dreams your reality! Creating a vision board is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new year or season of life. If you’re wondering what exactly a vision board is, “It’s a visual representation of your goals”, says media and life coach Zakiya Larry on Oprah Daily.

They are great tools for helping you to envision the future in a more tangible way. When it comes to goal setting, being specific is a huge factor in whether or not you’ll actually achieve your goals. So while this is a super fun arts and crafts project, we want to be both intentional and SPECIFIC! Ready to create your dream life? Let’s get started!


To make your own vision board you will need…

  • Notebook or Scratch paper
  • Poster Board or Foam Core Board
  • A variety of Magazines and/or Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Ziplock Bag
  • Pen and/or Marker
Magazines and Markers

1. Make a Vision Board Plan

The first step in making an awesome vision board is to have a plan! Grab something to write with and a notebook, journal, planner, etc. Take a few minutes to dream – without judgment, about your future. This can be 6 months or 6 years, the time frame is totally up to you. Once you can clearly see that future version of yourself in your mind, it’s time to brain dump! Quickly write all the words that come to mind in your vision. Describe your future life as detailed and specific as possible. Remember… this is a no-judgment zone. Write it all down. Even if your dreams seem crazy & huge, they ARE all possible. But ONLY if you believe they are.

Planner Image

2. Collect the “Content”

Time for the fun part! Now that you have the future version of yourself crystal clear in your mind, look for images that reflect your vision. Keep an eye out for bold or interesting words and colors that match your personal aesthetic. Mine, for example, is a mix of luxe and elegant. Full of shades of soft pinks, sage green, gold, and animal prints. Grab some scissors and dive into those magazines, catalogs, and newspapers! Anytime you see a photo, phrase, or heading that you feel represents you and your goals, tear out the page and set it aside in a pile. (If you don’t have magazines on hand, or can’t find the images you had in mind you can always find images on Pinterest or Instagram and print them out.)

This step is all about creativity. Even if you find it doesn’t quite match the vision later, it’s better to have more options on hand. Hunt for headings that have buzz words that represent your future. You can even cut out letters individually and piece them together, Mean Girls “Burn Book style”.

Pro Tip: Adding the word “aesthetic” to your Pinterest search sometimes helps find better photo results (ie. “aesthetic fruit”)

3. Cut It Out

Now that you’ve torn out (or printed) your content you can begin cutting them all out! Take your time and cut out each word or image. Try your best to keep them separated from the scraps as you cut, so you don’t lose any small pieces. Use a gallon size Ziplock bag to hold the finished cutouts.

Cut It Out Full House GIF
“Cut it out!” – Uncle Joey on Full House

4. Layout the Vision Board!

You’ve cut out all of your pieces and now it’s time to put your creative skills to work. Find a flat, clean, open surface to create on. (A desk, large table/kitchen island, or even on the floor works great). Layout your vision board’s “base”. This can be poster board, card stock, scrapbook paper, cardboard, a canvas, or corkboard, as long as the material is sturdy. Measure the base to the size you’d like and cut if needed. Start arranging the content you cut out like a collage and see what you like! (NO GLUE YET) Pump up the jams, take your time, and create a board that truly represents your vision for the future!

5. Get Your Glue On

Okay, last step! Using a glue stick, work your way from the bottom to the top of your laid-out vision board design and begin gluing the images on the “base” you’ve chosen. There you have it!

Caroline's Vision Board on "2 Broke Girls"

Time to make those dreams a reality. Hang your vision board up someplace that you’ll be able to see every day as a reminder of what’s to come. You should be so proud of yourself. Having a clear vision and setting goals are the first steps to achieving that dream life! You CAN be that girl.


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Ready to make those dreams a reality? I got your back. Check out my “Guide to Goal Setting”. I made this fun and simple guide just for you! You’ll learn action steps to get even more precise on your vision, set S.M.A.R.T goals, and start moving towards your dream life today.

What are you waiting for? “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.” Let’s get started!

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